Creatividad y tecnología, para crear marketing-digital.

Creatividad y tecnología, para crear marketing digital.

Hoy conocemos a Elena Enguix, Account Manager de Dartika.

Una agencia de marketing digital que trabaja combinando la tecnología y la creatividad. Para ello, programadores y creativos trabajan en la misma sala creando ideas para nuevos proyectos.

Descubre esto y mucho más en esta entrevista de friends&coffee. (Para leer abajo)

Si en este momento no puedes ver el vídeo, puedes leer la entrevista completa en inglés aquí:

-Welcome to friends&coffee. Today with us is Elena Enguix, Account Manager at Dartika. Thank you for coming.

+ Thank you for inviting me.


-Where does the idea of creating this marketing agency come from?

+ Dartika started as an advertising agency. And two years ago more or less, we started to focus it in this digital revolution we are experiencing nowadays.

The potential we have in creativity combined with our development part make us able to create very powerful digital campaigns and have a very adapted marketing today, continuing with the current trend, that is the plan.

-What makes Dartika different?

+I think it’s precisely that. Also, we are a very young team, the oldest person is 34, and we are like a family.I’m lucky to work at a small company but with lots of talent. And whenever I am with a client I’m proud to say that “I’m small and I do a great job”.


– Nowadays, in the digital world, in which you are specialized, technology and creativity arevery important. Tell us, why is this combination important in Dartika?

+We have two art people and three programmers working in the same room. 

Let’s say the programmer is working in a tool for a sector, for example, the cosmetic one.

The moment in which a good art director, like the one I have, gets better and better in UIX, which is really potent at the moment, is able to analyze each screen within the web, how easy is for the user to move within the web, makes it more visual, and doesn’t make the user wander around the web, because in the end that is ineffective.

Because the creative person is in front of the programmer, he starts to have new ideas, some of them are crazier than others and some of them are also easier than others…Here is when the programmer says good, or it is not possible to do this.

-What are you saying!

+So, that’s the beautiful thing, that they connect very well and complement each other, one understands the work of the other. And at the same time, we are all understanding the work of everyone working there.

-Yes, because sometimes the creative team gets inspired and the programmer too and the rest of us are like… “Hey, this has to be done in two days!”.

+You are developing ideas and learning new things that later on you can implement in other projects.


-And you see the project born.

+And the programmer can also help you a lot, in the end, you have to understand how a tool or an algorithm works, how to make a marketing person understand (with a marketing language) why we have created the site like this or what is an API, for example.

-Yes, sometimes we have to “translate” what the programmer tells us, in order to make it understandable for the rest of the people.


-So Elena, are you happy in Dartika and in the digital world?

+I’m really happy. Marketing is evolving a lot right now, and it’s very interesting to find new resources and ideas.

-You do not get bored, right?


-That’s the fun part of this world, it goes so fast sometimes…

+Yes, but you have to be up to date on that evolution, otherwise, you stay behind.

-Thank you so much, Elena, for coming and for being here with us. Having the sun behind the spotlights!


Ya sabes como la creatividad y la tecnología pueden combinarse para crear un buen marketing digital.

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