💼 🎓¿Emprender o hacer un MBA? Esa es la cuestión…

Los Kiyomi Tips que todo emprendedor necesita.
28 September, 2017
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9 October, 2017
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💼 🎓¿Emprender o hacer un MBA? Esa es la cuestión…



Hoy conocemos a Kiyomi Cerezo, CO-Fundador de Samana Brands, una empresa dedicada al retail.

Una agradable café mientras charlamos con este empresario que decidió arriesgar y montar su propia empresa.

Hablamos de las dificultades a la hora de emprender, qué hay que tener en cuenta y si es necesario estudiar un MBA previamente para adquirir los conocimientos necesarios para montar un negocio.

No desvelamos más, ¡Aquí la tenéis!


Hi, welcome to friends & coffee.

Today we have with us Kiyomi Cerezo, Co-Founder of Samana Brands

You are welcome.

Thank you very much for inviting me.

Arigato, is it?


Samana Brands, How does the idea begin, what does it about?

It is a company dedicated to developing and commercializing retail brands both own and third parties.

We commercialize online channels, flash sales, and physical spaces, especially in shopping centers.

What kind of products do you sell?

We sell fashion, accessories, rest products And now we are starting with cosmetics and food.

It is very a varied and complete offer.


Well, you know Kyomi…When you have cosmetic or fashion discounts, if you need someone to try some product here we are, delighted.

Of course, you will be the first to try the products.

This is the good things to be friends.


If today you had the opportunity, or you want to study an MBA,

Would you do it or do you consider that being entrepreneur it has already been your MBA?

I always say that start this business has been the best master I have been able to do and the most expensive too!

I think the important thing is not so much as you know, how academically prepared you are to take that step, the important is that you have to be prepared on a personal level.

I think that few people do that job of knowing what is going to cost to undertake, the sacrifice it takes…Because of course people only see money, and it is not like that.


Now I propose you to work in a company, for a third person.Would you opt for that, or would you choose to start a business? Because you have it clear and your thing is to undertake.

Is that what your body asks for?

The good thing to undertake is that you do not distinguish between work and personal life,

it is a freedom, and an exclusivity at a time.

I personally get realized. Yes, because I see myself working a lot of years and one has to be the most full and happy you can. And now I’m probably working a lot more hours than I would work in another company.

If you were a programmer, right?

Exactly, but being an entrepreneur I’m happier.

But, I would not mind working for a company. But do you know what happens? That the entrepreneur usually has a problem of overqualification. Overqualification in the sense not that you are very good at something, that you are so qualified to do many different tasks.

In a company usually is needed a person for a specific position, however

when you are an entrepreneur, you work in many areas and you learn to do many more things.

The jobs are not usually very well defined…

Yes, in the end, the entrepreneur has to do everything, and that is the added value and the difficulty that it has


Thank you very much for coming to Kiyomi, thank you for inviting me.

Now we’re going to give you probably the best gift in the world, the friends & coffee mug!

Ohh !!

Thank you very much.


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