The data benchmark for online advertising

Manually keeping track of the visibility of your own online brand, and those of your competitors’, has become a major challenge today. That’s why we start adjinn, an independent company born in 2016 to make the online advertising ecosystem clearer. adjinn’s data insights are already informing on a daily basis key decisions made by leading global brands, publishers and agencies.

Our crawling technology, based on big data and machine learning, provides comprehensive awareness of any brand ́s digital advertising activity, in an easy, quick and user-friendly manner.

We operate in more than 30 countries, from Asia to Europe and the Americas, and we collaborate directly with organizations like IAB.



The team

We believe in the power of data, which can only be activated with a human touch. That is why a friendly, dedicated, multidisciplinary & culturally diverse team is our secret ingredient to understanding & engaging with clients & the market.

  • Giancarlo Giansante
    Giancarlo Giansante CEO & Co-founder
  • Rubén Dugo
    Rubén Dugo CTO & Co-founder
  • Sandro Giacomelli
    Sandro Giacomelli CFO
  • Francis Savage
    Francis Savage Product Manager
  • Alberto Dal Sasso
    Alberto Dal Sasso Managing Partner
  • James Scott
    James Scott Senior Developer
  • Fabio Bartali
    Fabio Bartali Creative Director
  • Alessia Cappello Client Services Italy
  • Patricia Nabeto
    Patricia Nabeto Country Manager Portugal

Our mission

Sharing information means improving the dialogue between brands, publishers & media agencies in an enriching & accesible way. This is our mission and what we do everyday: Helping the digital advertising ecosystem and its users correctly monitor and plan better campaigns.

We always have time for a talk