Conclusions of the III Study of Online Media

 In Netherlands, Spain

On May 18, IAB Spain presented the results of the third edition of the Annual Study of Online Media, sponsored by AdJinn.

As our CEO Giancarlo Giansante commented, the study has been very relevant for the sector.

It helps to know “the opportunities offered by digital media as an advertising channel”

“The media offers a Premium showcase and Adjinn’s mission is to help them improve the quality of their conversations with brands and agencies, making available more data and information and being able to compare it with that of different players in the market. For Adjinn, it is very important to be involved in this kind of research in order to know first-hand the concerns of our sector and thus be able to provide the solutions they need. ”

The study revealed interesting facts and then we summarize the most important points:

– The most used medium is the Internet, increasing its use more and more with  9 out of 10 Internet users connecting daily . “If we link our messages to media that users perceive as credible, they will have more relevance.”

– The Internet is the most credible medium and with which users are most identified.

– The media is still one of the most frequented media by Internet users , followed by search engines and social networks.

– The digital interactions are led by the public of 35 years .

– The means of online communication are the most credible digital media.

– Advertising draws attention to a large number of users (74%)  making the information broaden looking for the brand or product.

To consult the full report, click on the following link .


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