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Paz Herrera teaches us to create our personal brand.

“The brand is the coherence between the essence of oneself and the image perceived by others. And that essence manifests itself through what the body shows, the words and the way of dressing. The personal image is composed of external appearance, expression and attitude ; Therefore, analyzing the style, gestures, posture and behavior with others, we will know if we are reflecting our best qualities . “- Paz Herrera.

Is it important to take care of our external appearance? Why is it important to have a personal brand? What are the steps to follow to create our own brand image?

We present below some key guidelines that Paz Herrera recommends us to take into account so that there is that coherence that we talked about in the interview, so that each one shows his best version and projects an authentic and solid brand:

  • Self-knowledge : it is essential to know the qualities of oneself and those that one wants to promote, in addition to applying common sense
  • Strengths : identify two or three aspects that make us unique and different (example: safe and reliable, close and empathetic, innovative and dynamic, etc.)
  • Environment : ask people from the personal or professional environment to define us in two or three qualities. If it does not match the image we want to project, the brand will not be clear.
  • Objectives : create a list of your own, reflecting the new challenges and objectives and enjoy the path until you reach them
  • External appearance : must always support the brand and be appropriate at all times to the message and environment in which we operate
  • Authenticity : that is what lasts, since an external facade alone does not hold in time. The communicative ability opens many doors.

Paz Herrera, director of Paz Herrera Studio , also points out as essential a new purpose for this year : to feel good inside to be well on the outside .

You want to know more? Meet Paz Herrera Studio 


+ Welcome to friends & coffee,  today with us Paz Herrera, image and personal brand consultant, t hanks for coming.

– Thank you.

+ Today we are going to discover all the secrets  behind personal branding. First of all, tell us about Paz Herrera Studio.

– We do personal image studies,  that are not only about your appearance,  what are you wearing,  but also your expression and your attitude. We also conduct personal branding studies,  related to professional positioning.

+ If a person is interested in hiring your services,  what is the first thing you ask a client to get to know him or her?

-We always work from the inside out. This is something that the image is not supposed to do. It seems that the image consultant only focuses on that external appearance. So what we do is look inside the clients to see what’s special about them. And what makes them unique and different is what we’re going to highlight. We ask the clients to define themselves with three qualities or attributes  that they consider to be their best ones and we will work on them.

Obviously, the important thing is how you are on the inside,  but if it is not visible on the outside  doors can be closed. “You say you’re super nice,  but you have such a serious expression …”

+ Why is personal branding important?

-It is important because we all have a personal brand, whether we want it or not. When we are at work, but also when we are in a pub with our friends, we are projecting a personal image and qualities. We are all always communicating,  even if we do not want to. And since we are communicating, it’s interesting to know what we are communicating, right? What do my image and my non-verbal communication say about me, (understanding that nothing will be good or bad)

It’s not better to be serious, confident, controlling … than close, empathetic or creative. It depends on what you want to say,  the environment you move in,  but the most important thing is that there are consistency and authenticity. Because personal brands are built from that. We do not have a pose, it’s all about being natural, and it comes out that way because that’s who you are, that’s how a brand is really powerful and it can be maintained over time.

+ And now with social networks, this is so important, right? We are exposed 24 hours.

-Yes, it is difficult because we are too exposed. Seems like when people go out,  they have to have a good time just to take the picture. We are overexposed,  and it is very important that we have very clear the attributes of our brand. As long as there is a coherence with who you are, (and as long as you are respectful towards others, of course) nothing would be good or bad.

+ It’s very important to keep this in mind.

-Of course, it’s about following a line  and that your communication does not go  to places you do not want.

+ Thank you very much for coming Peace!

-Thank you.

+ We have learned a lot about personal branding.

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